About us

DAC is the first company specialized in the field of child nutrition in Syria, and therefore we have a unique opportunity to contribute to facing the various nutritional challenges faced by many people around the world and in the region; from over nutrition to undernutrition and specifically the lack of micronutrients. We have the potential, and most importantly, we are determined to play a very positive role in contributing to finding solutions by taking the right steps in the way we do business. Where we believe that good nutrition will become more important in the field of work and society alike. Therefore, our strategy since inception is to build a shared value in the region that focuses on nutrition, and seeks to provide appropriate and healthy products, in addition to providing people with educational information in order to help them improve their children's food, health and well-being, with the aim of raising healthy and promising generations.

Why Chose Us

Our Mission

Our products are prepared in a way that is completely quality, from natural ingredients and in an environmentally friendly way, and through a wide variety of wonderful and delicious flavors to provide the real pleasure and physical comfort for the child.

Our Vision

We are committed to the highest levels of product quality and food safety. By following the quality systems in accordance with international standards, which gives us a perspective that helps to ensure the quality of products offered to children.

Our Value

Our values are reflected in the way we do business, and we always work legally and honestly with respect for our individuals and with whom we work.

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